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Recycled Tyre Projects


This is a really easy and effective decoration to put in your front yard or similar at Christmas time that won't cost you anything hopefully!
What you will need:

  • 8 Tyres - Including 2 X 4WD, 2 X Passenger, 2 X Large Mower, 2 X Small Mower
  • Hat Rim - We used a black plastic garbage bin lid
  • Eyes - We used metal tops off oil drums
  • Buttons - We used old wheel centre caps
  • Nose - We used an old hose end
  • Scarf - We used tinsel
  • Paint and a paint brush - We used some old white house paint we had laying around
  • We just stacked the tyres up and painted but you could bold together if you wanted..

Tips: We made our Snowman using bits and pieces we had lying around our workshop, but I'm sure if you look around your house you will find lots of interesting things to use instead.

Tea Cup Planter

This project does require some cutting of the tyres so please make sure that you do so safely!
What you will need:

  • Saucer - We used 1 X Medium Tractor Tyre
  • Cup - We used 2 X low profile 18 inch Tyres
  • Handle - We used 1 X small Tyre (possibly a mower tyre with no steel belts)
  • Sugar Cubes - We used 2 X small square blocks of wood
  • Spoon - We used a small Shovel
  • Dirt and some plants
  • Paint and a paint Brush
  • Bolts X 8 (4 for teacup and 4 for the handle)and something to cut the tyres with..

Tips: To make the saucer you will need to cut out the side wall of the tractor tyre. To make the cup put the 2 low profile tyres on top of each other and drill through them and bolt them together using 4 bolts. For the handle cut a strip of tread out of the small tyre and check that you are happy with the length before cutting.. To join the handle to the cup Drill 4 holes through the cup and matching up with the handle bolt it together in 4 places.

When painting tyres you can spray them however I prefer to use a brush as it sometimes takes a bit to get into all the tread so you may use a decent amount of spray paint..

Tyre Planter

What you will need:

  • An old Rim/Wheel with an old tyre fitted to it with no air in it
  • Paint and a brush
  • Muscles - After cutting the sidewall of the tyre in desired pattern flip the tyre inside out (think of it like pulling you jumper off over your head)

Tip: Make sure you choose the destination of this planter before filling with dirt as they are very heavy and you will struggle to move it after it is full!

Swan Tyre Planter

What you will need:

  • A tractor tyre if you want a big swan or a 4WD tyre if you want a smaller swan
  • Paint and brush
  • Something to cut the tyre
  • Dirt and Plants (Maybe some drainage holes depending on what type of plants you want)

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